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HYPEMAN CRUNK, aka Mr. Loudmouf," is a Tennessee record-breaker. DJ. Hypeman Crunk first started his musical journey as an MC in the surrounding clubs just outside the city of Memphis, TN, in 1997.
He met Legendary MC Supreme Hype­O, who took a liking to the young hustler and instilled in him the work ethic he has become known for today. The grind brought Hypeman Crunk and DJ Howard Kew together, leading to a partnership and their first live Broadcast outside of Memphis, TN.
Trial by fire was Hypeman Crunk's first actual attempt at DJing and MCing. His Mic skills and ability to adapt helped him survive a night of party rocking after being forced to hold it down following a series of unfortunate events. After that night, Hypeman Crunk decided to take his future into his own hands and worked to become one of the most sought-after record-breaking DJs in the south-eastern region.
From Radio shows to mixtapes, the machine known as Hypeman Crunk shows no signs of slowing down. Hypeman Crunk has also helped established artists like Lil Boosie, Gorilla Zoe, Yo Gotti, and countless others keep their campaigns alive by being the go-to DJ for his market. Taking his skill set beyond the DJ booth is Hypeman Crunk's ultimate goal. With the recently formed Loudmouf Entertainment moving full steam ahead, This Cool Running Dj is here to leave no room for error, he is the King of His City, and He Breaks Records.