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Mack Ben Widdit | "House Party" | Music Service

Artist: Mack Ben Widdi

Song: House Party

Project: The Beginning

Producer: Leo Lindgren

Genre: Hip-Hop

Mood: Confident

Emotion: Defiant

Label: Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE)

Hometown: Richmond, VA


Description: Don't Fold Entertainment's Mack Ben Widdit is back, locked and loaded, and ready to take the industry by storm. This time the Richmond, VA. Emcee teams up with super-producer, Leo Lindgren and delivers "House Party" an instant fan favorite, and soon the be chart-topper, this track brings the life to the party. Catch (DFE) Don't Fold Entertainment + Mack Ben Widdit on ALL social media and streaming platforms. Tweezy: | (804) 956-7946 |




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