Mack Ben Widdit | "Like Me" | Music + Video

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Mack Ben Widdit | "Like Me" | Music + Video

Artist: Mack Ben Widdi

Song: Like Me

Project: The Beginning

Producer: Various

Genre: Hip-Hop

Mood: Confident

Emotion: Arrogant

Label: Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE)

Hometown: Richmond, VA


Description: Don't Fold Entertainment's Mack Ben Widdit is back with another dope offering for the streets. This time, the Dynamic Duo, Mack Ben Widdit, and Ron Oilers, pair up for an instant ladies' favorite. Mack Ben Widdit explains why he is the ladies' only choice, and Domico Phillips provides the visuals to match. Stay tuned for more hot new music and video releases from Richmond, VA's most demanded indie label, D.F.E. Follow Mack Ben Widdit on all streaming and social profiles; Catch (DFE) Don't Fold Entertainment + Mack Ben Widdit on ALL social media and streaming platforms. Tweezy: | (804) 956-7946 |



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