"WTO Sco - Real Rich (feat. Luh Kiddo): A Captivating Journey of Hustle and Ambition"

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"WTO Sco - Real Rich (feat. Luh Kiddo): A Captivating Journey of Hustle and Ambition"

We The Ones Entertainment proudly presents "Real Rich" by WTO Sco featuring Luh Kiddo, a powerful rap/hip-hop track that has taken the music scene by storm. With its captivating storytelling, raw talent, and unwavering determination, this Richmond, VA collaboration is leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Join us as we delve into the world of "Real Rich" and discover the essence of true success.

The Artists and Track Details:

"Real Rich" is the brainchild of WTO Sco, a rising star hailing from Richmond, VA. Teaming up with the talented Luh Kiddo, this dynamic duo delivers an aggressive and confident vibe that perfectly complements the rap/hip-hop genre. With a BPM of 150, the track's energy is infectious, taking listeners on a thrilling musical journey.

The Label and Hometown:

Released under the esteemed We The Ones Ent label, "Real Rich" represents the artistic vision and commitment to quality that the label stands for. As Richmond, VA natives, WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo infuse their hometown's essence into their music, showcasing the vibrant and evolving music scene of the city.



The Mood and Emotion:

"Real Rich" emanates a mood of confidence, driving listeners to embrace their ambitions and push boundaries. The aggressive tone adds an edge to the track, captivating audiences with its raw emotions and powerful delivery. WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo masterfully blend their individual styles, resulting in a track that resonates deeply with fans.

Genre and Socials:

Rooted in rap/hip-hop and trap, "Real Rich" represents the evolution of these genres with its unique sound and lyrical brilliance. To stay updated on WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo's latest releases and connect with their music, follow them on social media platforms:


"Real Rich" is more than just a song; it's a testament to the unwavering determination and relentless hustle of WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo. Through their authentic storytelling and undeniable chemistry, they paint a vivid picture of the ambition and drive that fuel their journey to achieve true wealth and success. The track has quickly become a fan favorite, captivating audiences with its infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics.

DJs and Tastemakers Feedback:

DJs, tastemakers, and influencers play a crucial role in shaping the music industry. Your feedback on "Real Rich" is highly valued and appreciated. We invite you to share your thoughts on the track by clicking on the following link: Feedback. Your opinion matters, and your support is instrumental in promoting talented artists like WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo.

Direct Download and Streaming Links:

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"Real Rich" by WTO Sco featuring Luh Kiddo is a testament to the power of dreams, ambition, and unwavering determination. This captivating track showcases the raw talent and lyrical brilliance of these rising stars from Richmond, VA. Join them on their journey to redefine what it means to be truly rich and successful. Stay tuned and be part of the movement as WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo carve their path to greatness.


For more information and updates on WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo, please visit their official website here. For any inquiries or collaborations, please contact We The Ones Entertainment at wetheonesent@gmail.com. Together, let's celebrate the extraordinary talent of these artists and support their remarkable journey in the music industry.